Parserr Software Update: December 2021

Parserr Software update dec

The end of the year just happened. It came with many software updates, including eight fixed issues and two new features, to provide our users with an even better product. 

These are the 8 issues we fixed:

1. Makesbridge rules are not confused with Zillow rules anymore.

Our users were encountering that when they clicked ‘add’ next to the Makesbridge feature, our software would add a Zillow rule instead. We solved that hiccup, and now you can add the right rules under each feature.

2. Salesforce reauthentication fixed.

Nothing would happen when users tried to re-authenticate to Salesforce. Now, when Parserr users click on the reauthentication button, their integration resets and disconnects, allowing them to re-authenticate to Salesforce successfully.

3. Improved Sharepoint integration. 

Parserr could only integrate with Sharepoint’s main site, which made it cumbersome to take advantage of all its features. We offer a more complete integration, allowing users access to other sites within Sharepoint besides their main site.

4. Upgraded clone feature. 

Some of the clone features in our software weren’t working correctly, so it was time to take care of them. Now users can clone rules without issues. 

5. Broken links repaired. 

There were broken links on our terms page and our main site, our bad! We are sorry for the inconveniences they caused, and we’re happy to announce that they’re fixed now.

6. Accurate percentages in our notifications.

Our software was telling users that their inbox was 90% full when in reality, they had more space left to keep parsing their emails. Now, notifications about their inbox capacity are more accurate and reliable. 

7. Header numbers deleted. 

When parsing .doc and.docx files, users noticed random numbers displayed in the header section. That issue was fixed, and the numbers don’t show anymore.

8. Improved experience for new users.

We made a simple change in the database that eliminated issues when adding new CSV columns. This bug particularly affected our new users. We wanted to offer them a seamless experience when starting with Parserr.

Our 2 newest additions:

1. Pop-up alerts on templates.

When adding a new template, users now get a pop-up message that alerts them about the changes they’re about to make. This prompts them to check the template and prevent errors.

2. Brand new preconfigured rules. 

We optimized our rules for an improved experience. They have a new look and are easier to access.

We’ll never stop working hard for our users!

At Parserr, we are always looking to improve our software and its features to create a more user-friendly experience for all our customers. Even though we try hard, we can’t catch everything, so if you notice a bug, please contact us right away!